Saffron spices trace back over 4,000 years across a diverse range of civilisations, cultures and countries. Saffron is used as a food seasoning, perfume, hair products, clothes dye, and as a medicinal herb. Researchers have shown through historic documents that saffron has its origin in the Zagros mountain range in Iran, where around 1 Kg of saffron was used in the royal kitchen every day.

For some 4000 years people have been willing to buy saffron for very high prices due to the rarity of the spice. The rarity of the spice is directly linked to the labour intensive production process and the sheer volume of saffron crocus needed to produce an ounce of the saffron spice.

Saffron crocus bulbs are planted and then in the spring time they sprout 6 to 9 green shoots that grow through spring and summer. In the autumn there is a 10-15 day time period within which all the crocus flowers pop out, this is a most beautiful sight to see. The crocuses are all hand picked before the sun is up at dawn. The picked saffron flowers are then taken to a sanitary laboratory where the stigmas are removed and dried, then packed immediately.